Health Leadership Panel Discussion

Knowledge is Power. Learn how to reduce your risk of disease and gain the power over your health
26 Aug 2017

Health Leadership Panel Discussion

Participate in our health discussion with panel experts.  Learn how you can reduce your risk of being affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease and Kidney Disease.  Learn how to Live to Win!


The Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is a charitable organization incorporated in the State of Arizona and governed by a local board of directors. While we are an affiliate  of the National Alzheimer’s Association based in Chicago, all our work is devoted to providing service and support to Alzheimer’s patients, family members and caregivers throughout Arizona and Southern Nevada.  Visit their website here

1in9 was created to ignite a worldwide movement to promote kidney disease awareness and prevention for all individuals at risk, patients and their families as well as service providers. Our belief is with a progressive and collective movement we can raise public awareness of risk factors, promote preventive practices and influence public policy that will spark new solutions in the field of regenerative medicine.

26 Million Americans – 1in9 adults – have kidney disease and 90% don’t even know it.  An additional 20 million people are at increased risk of developing the disease which causes more deaths each year than breast cancer or prostate cancer.  Diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney disease.  And every day, 13 people die waiting for a kidney.  Based on these statistics and their own personal experiences, founders, Raymond and Analyn Scott,launched 1in9 to advocate an create a movement to change the trajectory of kidney disease.  Learn more about 1in9 here

We want to be sure that once our panelist have shared their information you can take what you have learned and apply it to your life.  That’s where panel member Evangeline Colbert comes in.

She loves seeing people’s lives transformed! As a Certified Professional Coach, she will empower you to reach to your goals with unstoppable confidence. She will help you understand the power of your words and to use the Word of God to change your circumstances so that you can live life victoriously. It is important that we include mindset as well as viewing health holistically…mind, body, AND spirit.